Digital Booth


We are committed to delivering the best quality technology based online solutions to the investors at digital booth. Ace Capital Management Service Ltd. has the best advanced online Infrastructure and team to support for its investors


Online Customized Market Watches, Smart Portfolio, Instrument Board, Online Buy Order and Sell Order, Receiving Research, Trade alerts, Real-time charts, Multiple Accounts Driven Under Single Email Address, Mobile Apps, Extensive Networks For online trading please Contact Our Head Office Or Digital Booth Physically.


Beneficial Owner (BO) Account Opening and Maintenance, Individual/Joint Account, Foreign Account, RB & NRB Account, Dematerialization, Rematerialization, Pledge, Unpledged, Transfer, Transmission, Change of Ownership through our Head Office

IPO Application Through Digital Platform

Online IPO, Mobile SMS IPO, Offline IPO, IPO Application Confirmation Alert by SMS To apply for an IPO please call Our Head Office Or Digital Booth

Deposit & Fund Withdrawal Through Medium

Now you can easily deposit into your BO account through online bank transfer system if you have any internet banking (One Bank Ltd. Principle Branch Account No.0013000001007) privilege which is declared in our website. Also you have a number of ways to make deposits into your BO account under Ace Capital Management Service Ltd. Withdrawing money from your account maintained with Ace Capital Management Service Ltd. has become easier than ever. You don't have to come to our office to give the cheque requisition. Only you have to send a withdraw request through our email address or visit website. Ace Capital Management Service Ltd. will deposit your requested money to your bank account through Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) which is mentioned in your BO account. Therefore, the entire process is online and you can withdraw money from your account without coming to our office at all. Also, you can fill out the BEFTN/ cheque requisition form at your nearest Extension or Digital Booth of Ace Capital Management Service Ltd.

Margin Loan Facilities

Sorry current we do not provide any margin facilities


Online Equity Research, Important News Summary, Company and Sector Reports, Economy and Strategy Reports, Customized Research, Research Advisory services to Institutional and High net worth investors